“I’m a grandma, a sister, a daughter and a friend, a Marine Corps veteran, a records supervisor for a small town police department, and a mom to two kids, one a cancer survivor. Somewhere along the way I quit taking care of myself and up until two years ago, I was morbidly obese. Then a burst appendix and the right combination of people and circumstances propelled me to turning my life around with diet and exercise. I’m just an ordinary person. I want to show other ordinary people my age that they can change — that its not too late for miracles. Dr. Allegr and his wonderful staff at Northwest Face & Body are my miracle! My daughter wrote on my behalf (and without telling me!) and thanks to Dr. Allegra’s generosity, my 130 pound weight loss journey ends and a new chapter in my life starts!!!”


“I was with my girlfriends last night. Dr Allegra just did surgery on 1 of them and took 12 lbs off her! She is so beyond happy!
In fact out of the 5 of us he had done surgery on all of us. They talk of him as if he was a god! They are all so happy with their outcomes 💕 ”


Dear Dr. Allegra,

I want to thank you for your kindness in seeing me on such short notice to remove these overdue nasal splints. Then to make a special trip to your office to see if my nasal wounds were healing correctly. Trust me, your patient relationship is countless multitudes greater than the “celebrity” surgeon. My PCP…is familiar with you and your colleagues and has high praise, which you lived up to. Many thanks again!


On the third of December I had a cosmetic procedure, face lift, performed by Dr. Allegra and his team. His team before and after were caring and showed great concern for my comfort and answered any and all questions that I had. After the procedure his team again was there to insure that I was doing well. To my amazement I was even told that I could shower and wash my hair the next day. The healing was fast, and the results were amazing. Yes I have recommended to a friend who is considering cosmetic surgery to see Dr. Allegra.

The only thing I keep asking myself is why did I procrastinate for two years to do this.

— Stephanie


Dr. Allegra is always very helpful and kind. He is an ENT and also does facial cosmetic surgery. His offices are very nice, in convenient locations and support staff has always been great! I’ve been seeing him for about 10 yrs now. I had many unusual issues with my sinuses, ears, tongue, throat and has always treated me respectfully. After 2 other ENT’s failed to correctly diagnose me, He quickly did, fixed it surgically and solved that problem. I’m not sure what I’d do if I hadn’t been referred to him. I highly recommend him!

— Heather Campbell


I saw Dr. Ummat today; he was/is terrific… Very informed and skilled at explaining technical information… Gave me a holistic picture of what my medical procedure will entail… Could not recommend this clinic more…

— Kevin Daniels


Very impressed with Dr Shaw. Recommend him to anyone who has ear/ nose/ or throat issues. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

— Michael Michael


I saw Dr. Ummet this week for my deviated septum, and I really liked him! He was gentle and caring and took time to explain things to me. I’ve been putting off sugery for over 30 years, but now I’m going to do it there at NW Face!

— BriAnne Green


I had my augmentation in March and I am so pleased with my results. Dr. Allegra and his team were nothing short of amazing. My first appointment Dr. Allegra was friendly, informative, and answered every question I had. The 3D program to see what my results would look like on my body were so helpful in making a size decision. Prior to the surgery I was sent all the information to be prepared and what to expect. The day of my appointment the nursing staff and anesthesiologist made me feel comfortable and helped calm my anxiety. I had never had a surgery before and had never been completely sedated, I also have an irrational fear of needles, and they made that super easy. After the surgery was a little tough for me as I wasn’t really expecting the pain as much as I did, but honestly it’s to be expected after something like that. They took great care of me during the recovery. My follow up appointment was the next day (Saturday) and I was well taken care of and all my concerns for home care were addressed. I received a follow up call and felt like I was cared for as a patient. I did not expect the recovery to be as long as it was for me, but this is different for each person and doesn’t have anything to do with the staff or how the procedure was done. Every follow up appointment I’ve had has been great and I’ve always been well taken care of. The support staff is amazing and the the office is beautiful. I did a lot of research prior to choosing Dr. Allegra, and the drive from Olympia to Kirkland is absolutely worth it. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Allegra.

— Michelle O’Neill


Dr Ummat was prompt, professional and honest. Described my snoring and possible sleep apnea issues separately and made recommendations to solve each separately. It’s a busy office but I can see why. Solid first impression.

— Jay Taliaferro


Dr. Ummat went above and beyond in treating me for my chronic sinus infections. I’ve recieved better care at this clinic in my first visit than any of the other many ENT or OMFS clinics throughout my 4 year struggle with sinusitis.

— Jessica Schwind