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What Is The Best Neck Tightening Procedure?


A sagging neck or neck laxity can have many contributing factors. Some of which include: reduction in skin elasticity, descending fat, sun damage, and other environmental damage. Many creams and over-the-counter products may provide some firming of the neck area, but once it reaches a certain point, professional procedures or surgery may be necessary to [...]

What Is The Best Neck Tightening Procedure?2021-08-09T08:47:20-08:00

Is Microneedling Better Than BOTOX?


When it comes to anti-aging treatments, there are two main types: medical spa skin treatments and injections. Both have their merits and can work wonders in making you look younger longer. Two of the most popular procedures in these categories are microneedling and BOTOX. While many master estheticians and injectors would recommend a routine that [...]

Is Microneedling Better Than BOTOX?2021-08-02T11:47:30-08:00

Melanoma and Tips on Tanning


If I can play in the sun on the beach in Mexico (wearing my rash guard, sunglasses, big hat, and sunscreen) and without burning, then you can too. You increase your chance of Melanoma by 75% if you use tanning beds before the age of 30. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer in [...]

Melanoma and Tips on Tanning2020-12-11T08:50:55-08:00
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