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Breastfeeding After Anesthesia: What You Should Know


A common question we get from women at Northwest Face & Body is: "when is it okay to breastfeed after anesthesia?" When new mothers undergo a surgical procedure there are often a number of questions and concerns we try to address to help them feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire experience—before, during and after. [...]

Breastfeeding After Anesthesia: What You Should Know2019-03-04T19:34:51-08:00

What Is A Mommy Makeover?


A woman’s body goes through dramatic changes as she becomes a mom. Many women struggle to feel comfortable with their changed bodies after having given birth. Even if you manage to lose some of the baby weight, your body may still feel and look different. Our team at Northwest Face & Body wants to help [...]

What Is A Mommy Makeover?2019-03-04T19:35:09-08:00

eDefine Your Waist With Liposuction And CoolSculpting


The elusive slim waist may seem like an increasingly impossible task the older you get. For many, despite having a healthy diet and exercise plan in place, stubborn areas of fat still stick around in the form of love handles and a muffin top. That stubborn fat refuses to leave your waist without a fight. [...]

eDefine Your Waist With Liposuction And CoolSculpting2019-03-04T19:35:26-08:00

Melanoma and Tips on Tanning


If I can play in the sun in the beach in Mexico (wearing my rash guard, sunglasses, big hat, and sunscreen) and without burning, then you can too. You increase your chance of Melanoma by 75% if you use tanning beds before the age of 30. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer in [...]

Melanoma and Tips on Tanning2019-03-04T19:06:28-08:00



The incidence continues to rise every year. When I graduated from my dermatology residency 15 years ago, the rate of melanoma in the U.S. population was about 1 in 200. I have watched every year as it has grown from a rare disease to a common one. As of this year we can expect 1 [...]

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