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What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do?


Most people are familiar with Botox in the forehead and other parts of the face to address wrinkles. However, Botox has other cosmetic uses, including in the masseter. Considering the area does not wrinkle and Botox cannot treat sagging skin, patients often ask, “What does Botox in the masseter do?” When Botox is injected into [...]

What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do?2021-11-01T08:36:16-08:00

Is Microneedling Better Than BOTOX?


When it comes to anti-aging treatments, there are two main types: medical spa skin treatments and injections. Both have their merits and can work wonders in making you look younger longer. Two of the most popular procedures in these categories are microneedling and BOTOX. While many master estheticians and injectors would recommend a routine that [...]

Is Microneedling Better Than BOTOX?2021-08-02T11:47:30-08:00

Three Little-Known Facts About Botox®


We have performed Botox with stunning results since the early 2000’s here at NW Face & Body. While you likely already know just how popular Botox is, you may not know these three fun facts. […]

Three Little-Known Facts About Botox®2019-03-04T19:48:03-08:00
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