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Your Questions About Liposuction—Answered!


As we approach summer in the Pacific Northwest, we all look forward to the longer days and warmer weather. Not surprisingly, the months leading up to the summer season are some of the most popular for liposuction, and we see a spike in patients who are interested in the surgery. While our team of cosmetic [...]

Your Questions About Liposuction—Answered!2019-03-04T19:46:58-08:00

Shape Up Your Summer with Liposuction


Even though the rain never seems to stop this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, we know that a glorious summer is still just around the corner. Until then, these extended days of gray do provide some time to get your body in the shape that you want, and you can schedule liposuction. [...]

Shape Up Your Summer with Liposuction2019-03-04T19:47:33-08:00
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