A deep pore facial in Kirkland is a great way to achieve beautiful, clearer skin. During your treatment, your skin is cleansed and exfoliated then steam is used for deep cleaning of your pores. Your face will then be masked and finished with custom blends and SPF. Your deep pore facial will have your skin feeling invigorated and looking brighter than before.*


A microderm is a non-surgical treatment now available in Kirkland. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed before the targeted areas are airbrushed with crystal dioxide, removing dead skin and stimulating your skin’s renewal process.* A mask and SPF will then be applied to help soothe your skin afterwards.


Any skin type can be treated with the Skin Bella Ultrasound Facial. Four different modalities are used to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and increase circulation through your skin for a younger, brighter appearance.

Skin Bella Microderm facial is a wet peel suitable for multiple skin types. The bi-elastic blade produces an even exfoliation of all areas. It does not use particles or harsh chemicals. It boasts minimal redness and no downtime. It kills surface bacteria, the primary cause of blemishes and acne. Extractions are minimized and can be easily performed. Skin Bella produces a variety of benefits, including exfoliation of superficial layers of skin, reduced germs on the skin’s surface, increased blood supply, and enhanced skin moisturization. The Skin Bella takes 45-60 minutes to complete.


Chemical peels are a great way to treat various skin flaws for natural, healthy-looking skin. We offer light and medium chemical peels at Northwest Face & Body, including PCA peels and the VI Peel.


Dermaplaning consists of a gentle exfoliation of the epidermis layer of your skin, followed by an O2 Hydrating Mask. This popular facial treatment can help your skin to look and feel years younger.*


The Collagen Blanket in Kirkland is a 100% collagen mask created by GM Collin in Paris.


Our Vitamin C Spa Facial is 100% Vitamin C, combined with Algae for a very hydrating facial.


Get rid of unwanted hair with professional Waxing in Kirkland. Waxing can provide you with long-term results so that you don’t have to fumble around with shaving every day.


Brow tinting in Kirkland can help to achieve thicker looking, well-shaped eyebrows. This popular treatment can be used to enhance the look of your natural eyebrows if you are unhappy with their appearance. Brow tinting involves dyeing the brows a different color that can be set to match your skin tone, eye color, or hair color.*

*Individual results may vary