Thermi offer the benefits of non-surgical or minimally invasive skin rejuvenation and is now available at Northwest Face and Body. ThermiVA, ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight are all targeted radio frequency treatments that rejuvenate, tighten and contour your skin. Each are applied to different areas of the face and body for a more youthful appearance. As we age collagen breakdown is a contributing factor to some of the changes we see, ultimately making you look older. Each product uniquely addresses this issue. In the case of ThermiVA there are also functional benefits. The ThermiAesthetics procedure that is right for you will depend on which areas you are looking to treat, your goals and timeframe. Dr. Allegra and his highly trained staff will work with you to determine what treatment is the best choice to achieve the youthful results you’re looking for.


Skin Laxity Treatment. Skin laxity is a common problem for woman and men as they age, especially after age 50. Loss of elasticity and sagging of the skin are a frustrating part of the aging process. ThermiTight is used to improve skin laxity, not just on the face but areas such as the arms, back, neck, thighs and abdomen. ThermiTight is different because unlike the other treatments this procedure requires a micro-invasive probe to be inserted just beneath the skin. The energy then is used to deliver focused heating to the underlying tissues causing them to shrink. This also causes your body to stimulate more collagen production, resulting in firmer, tighter skin. The treatment takes about an hour. Downtime is minimal and some patients return to normal activity within a day or two. Patients who undergo ThermiTight treatments notice marked, long lasting improvement in just one treatment.* Although some improvement is noticed immediately, the full effect gradually takes effect over the next 6 weeks and continue up to 6 months. Dr. Ludwig Allegra performs this treatment and it is typically done under local anesthetic. He will discuss this and what to fully expect during your consultation. He may suggest this in combination with other procedures for best outcomes.


Vaginal Rejuvenation ThermiVa is a non-surgical treatment that helps to rejuvenate the vagina both externally and internally. Childbirth, Age and hormonal changes all contribute to aesthetic and functional changes that often affect a woman’s self-confidence. There is finally an option that is safe and comfortable without any downtime. ThermiVa can also provide improvement with stress incontinence (bladder control), atrophic vaginitis (thinning, shrinking and decreased lubrication) and orgasmic dysfunction. Estrogen reduction from menopause can play a dominant role with these conditions. ThermiVa uses a specially designed wand applicator that can be applied externally to the labia and vulvar to help restore normal tissue and tone or inside the vagina to revive atrophic tissue. Temperature controlled heating helps provide a safe and effective treatment. Three 30 minute sessions, one month apart are typically recommended. Improvement is noticed after the first or second session.*


Skin Firming Treatment Ageing of the skin is multifaceted. Sun Damage, genetics and general bad habits such as smoking are all contributors to the way the skin ages. Smooth, tight, wrinkle free skin are all desirable. ThermiSmooth can help improve the appearance of the skin by stimulating new collagen providing a firmer, smoother appearance helping patients to look more youthful. ThermiSmooth treats the skin topically by applying precise heating with the use of a specially designed hand piece. One of the unique features of ThermiSmooth is the applicator can be used to treat vertical lip lines, crow’s feet and nasal folds because the tip is small enough to fit in these hard to treat areas. ThermiSmooth is used to treat areas of the face and neck. ThermiSmooth’s targeted heating, heats subdermal tissue by moving the hand piece across the surface of your skin in a circular motion without damaging surrounding tissue or over heating the skin. Treatments areas heated for 5 min each to reach the proper temperature and sustained heating to targeted tissues. Treatments are then repeated several times to achieve the desired result.* The entire treatment takes no more than one hour. ThermiSmooth does not have any downtime so you will be able to return to your normal activity post treatment.

*Individual results may vary