Do You Lose A Cup Size With A Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that addresses sagging breasts by removing extra skin and tissue as well as repositioning the nipple. A common concern among patients is that they will end up losing volume due to the removal of some breast tissue. Let’s take a look at these concerns and the question, “Do you lose a cup size with a breast lift?”

First, the techniques used for breast lifts and breast reductions are extremely similar. Therefore, patients can expect to lose a little volume during breast lift surgery. However, for patients with enough tissue, it is possible to redistribute this tissue to complement the new breast shape. This is sometimes referred to as auto augmentation. 

While the breasts still may appear smaller, this is largely because of their perkier shape. This causes them to sit higher on the chest which can result in having a smaller cup size purely because the bra does not need to push the breasts up or account for extra skin. In most cases of a breast lift, there is a limited amount of breast tissue removed in comparison to a breast reduction. 

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