Some of the earliest signs of aging are related to changes affecting the area of your eyes. What is the real change that takes place that allows us to look at an individual and immediately judge if they are in their 20’s, 30’s, 50’s, ect. The upper face is the key. We are remarkably adept at forming instant judgments based upon small but significant changes that take place. The overall affect of these changes is an appearance of fatigue, possible angriness, and the appearance of being less engaged or involved. There is a loss of the youthful “brightness” of the face.

Most often the major factor common to all of the upper face changes is the relentless tendency for the brow and forehead area to become lax and droopier. This is seen very early in the region of the upper lids where is seems that there is now excess skin. Where the heck did that come from! We don’t really grow eyelid skin as we become older. Additional changes include a hooded appearance of the upper lids to the sides resulting in a heavy and fatigued appearance. There is often a widening and development of horizontal lines at the upper bridge of the nose which detracts from the elegance of the nose causing a “scrunched up” look. We instinctively compensate for the brow heaviness by increasingly using the muscles of the brow and this results in the formation of the lines and wrinkles in this area. This is an immediate tip-off of age.

The real cause in most individuals is the descent of the brow, which forms the foundation of the upper lids, and this directly results in the seeming excess lid tissue. The best analogy is that of heavy drapery on a flimsy rod that bends over time and results in the drape bunching up on itself. The solution is probably not to cut off the bottom of the drape! The best solution is to restore the support of the drape to its normal position thus achieving a true restoration. This is the basic concept of the endoscopic brow lift technique.


The Endoscopic brow lift in our Kirkland location offers a correction of the problem. This technique involves simply a restoration of the brow tissue to its youthful and normal position. No tissue whatsoever is removed; it is simply repositioned. The procedure involves gaining access to the deepest level under the brow via very small incisions just behind the hairline. Next an endoscope is used with an attached video camera and the surgery is performed while viewing the video monitor. The procedure then involves simply a meticulous freeing of the tissue and releasing it from its attachments. Once accomplished the whole region virtually wants to assume a relaxed and natural position with virtually no tension at all. The tissue is them simply secured in this position achieving an elegant rejuvenation.*

*Individual results may vary

The endoscopic brow lift is a very gentle procedure involving only a releasing of tissue and this means that there is generally an excellent and rapid recovery. As the incisions are all behind the hairline, there are no visible sutures or incisions, and the hair is washed and styled the next day. Some bruising that will occur in the area of the eyes is unavoidable, but rapidly resolves. There is some minor swelling in the “scowl” area between the eyebrows as this is where the muscles causing these angry and deep lines are weakened. One is generally socially presentable in 5-7 days with perhaps modest cover-up of mild bruising. At the 10-14 day mark there are only trivial residual changes, rapidly resolving, that are easy to cover if needed. There is remarkably little if any pain with this technique and one in fact is able to resume normal activities almost immediately. Most patients require no medication at all. The incisions are so rapid and effective in healing that even with detailed inspection by a hairdresser or myself they often cannot be found after 1-2 months.*

*Individual results may vary

The endoscopic brow lift results in a remarkably effective and pleasing rejuvenation of the upper face. This procedure results in a remarkable satisfaction rate with patients feeling satisfied with how it looks. It is a procedure that will not result in comments such as “what have you had done?” but rather in “you look great”. One simply cannot see any “surgical” signs. Because of the remarkably solid and stable healing of this area it is essentially a permanent solution. We have patients who are seen more than 20 years after their brow lift who are virtually perfect and look great!*

The endoscopic brow lift offers a great solution to rejuvenation of the upper face for both men and women. This is performed at almost any age, even in one’s 20’s if their appearance justifies it as there are genetic factors that may create a great deal of heaviness at an early age. As this is a very low stress procedure it may even be suitable for someone in their late 80’s. In men this offers a remarkable improvement without any sense of a procedure having been done. It is possible to offer this procedure even if there is significant balding as the incisions heal so well and are hard to find. In short, this is often a truly ideal and satisfying procedure.* Services areas include: Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Everett, Lynnwood, Kent, Renton & Tacoma Washington.

*Individual results may vary